Skills Matrix


Sharing Expertise

We have compiled a matrix that details service offerings that can be met by vets within the Group – these may include both paid and free services. If you would like additional information on / assistance with any of the topics listed below, please contact us and we will put you in touch with a practice who can help.

Practical Services Advisory Services Speaker Services
Bull fertility testing Sheep worming  Basic bovine nutrition
Ram fertility testing Interherd/Interherd+ Mastitis control
FEC testing MyHealthyHerd Lameness control
Embryo implantation Bovine nutrition Infectious disease management
Fertility management Parasite control planning Interherd & use for analysis of data
Healthy Feet mentor Fertility analysis and advice Myhealthyherd and health planning
Mobility mentor Flock health planning BVD control
Mastitis control mentor Cow signals  Johne’s control
Bull semen testing Sheep issues Economic health evaluation
Ram semen testing BVD control Preventative medicine approaches
  Johne’s control Biosecurity and risk assessment
  Economic health evaluation Developing your farm business
  Preventative medicine approaches Engaging farmers in health and fertility
  Biosecurity and risk assessment Foot trimming courses in cattle
  Newsletters Sheep topics  
  Marketing approaches Calf management
    Cow comfort